¿Qué es lo que has venido a hacer aquí?

¿Qué es lo que has venido a hacer aquí?
He venido
a besar tus labios con mis ojos,
a dejar en tu cuerpo mis caricias,
a rezar a un dios estupendo y lleno de vida,
a respirar el aliento mismo de la creación,
pero sobre todo,
por siempre y para siempre,
a amarte, hermano mío,
amarte y no dejarte de amar,
nunca más dejarte de amar.
(Francisco J. Francisco Carrera, "Luna de Agosto")

martes, 2 de diciembre de 2014


By Fran

we woke up this morning
with a new language at hand
we thought it was our own
we thought this was for real
a tool, a weapon, a toy to create 
new worlds

it was clear it was for us
to keep, a possession,
something we could call
our own, something
we thought we have won
after all

but then we opened our eyes
to see that those things we possess
possesses us in their turn
and then it was time
to start from scratch

since learning a language
makes us freer than before
but at the same time
creates a new jail for us
to get into

possess or be possessed,
there is no way out
it seems,
then join the dance
and enjoy the ride

is just a nice way
to start!

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